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Re: Toys for tots

PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:49 pm
by avery
Thanks for everyone that came out and made this a great event

After a clerical error (sausage fingers)
I screwed someone out of a 1st place prize
He was gracious and displayed perfect sportsmanship

So results were

1st Mike McGuigan (harlequins) won Sos tiebreaker
2nd Adam warnecke (knight)
3rd Jeff naumann ( space marines)

Re: Toys for tots

PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:18 am
by Capnmoe
Thank you Avery for putting on such a great event with a great cause. And thank you Mike for being so gracious.

Re: Toys for tots

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:45 am
Thank you Avery for hosting this event. It was fun as usual. If you are cooking like you did, next year let us know. I would have been more then glad to bring in a dish. Don't make it a requirement but give people the option to help out.

Could have done with less knights. :)

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 10:38 am
by VaderSeven
1500 favors a knights list!

Re: Toys for tots

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 11:12 am
Ok. I had one of the best Games I have ever played at this Tourney and I wanted to share. Adam that was truly epic. This just proves how Over powered the Solitaire for Harlequins truly is. :)

Please enjoy the Battle Report.

This was the most freaking Brutal game ever. 4 Knights. 1 Was a forgeworld knight that allowed all knight within 12 to over watch and got a STR6 ap2 heavy 6 Gun.
Both Phycers got Fog of dreams and saved my butt.
One thing to point out that my shooting was next to ineffective the entire game. Haywire grenades was the only thing that really did anything.

Adam Got first turn and killed a voidweaver(with a 3+ rerollable Jink save) and a Starweaver and 3 of the 5 troupe . Last 2 will go on to kill a knight. :) Caused a bike unit and another star weaver unit to Jink but didnt get anything else. I was well hidden and Adam couldnt get a lot of shots off.
I came out of hiding and got Fog of dreams off on one of the Dual Battle Cannon Knights. Both the remaining Star weavers moved 12 then Turbo Boosted to get right up in the faces. Adam had 0 Flamers so I was lucky there, 1 Bike Unit turbo boosted behind him. Knew Adam would have to deal with them and pull 1 knight away from the Group, divide and Conquer.

Turn 2
Adam blows up both star weavers but I go lucky and only lost 4 between the 2 units. 1 Unit only lost 1 model. The bikes I threw to the back were wiped out. Oh well. Adam charged 1 of the units and killed them but they put 3 HP on him before going down.
Shooting did nothing but I got Fog of dreams off on his Warlord. The other one I casted with 4 dice and got 4 ones. I Blitzed the Solitaire(so should have saved that for turn 4) and the 2 from the first blown up Starweaver into the HTH night that can throw vechiles. It was the same one that only had 3 HP left and they killed him. Blew up off the board. The 4 Man Troupe unit failed a charge on the Warlord.

Turn 3
His Shooting was ineffective here as the one was across the board dealing with the bikes. Adam 1 Dual battlecannon shot at the DeathJester but with a 2+ Cover he was good. Adam does attempt to run with his warlord. 1 knight does attempt to charge a voidweaver and fails a 4 inch charge.
Got Fog of dreams off on 1 knight (Adam was cursing that power and the Solitare at this point (Jokingly)) The 4 Man troupe and the Solitare charged his warlord and Killed him. And a Death Jester and a Solitare both Charged another and between throwing the grenades and then charging Caused 3 Wounds. He had a Voidweaver just behind him and was more scared of that so that is where he put his Shield. The knight wiffed his attacks but then stomped the shadowweaver. They were 2 far apart for him to get both and only rolled 1 Stomp. daeth Jester held the one knight in CC to keep him from Shooting. Another Shadow weaver had to fall back to my table half to take an objective.

Turn 4
Adam finished off the Death Jester in HTH and the other KNight kills the 2 Man troupe that was holding an objective near the back.
The Solitare and his new unit that he was moving with(Couldnt Join) then Charged another knight and put 4 wounds on it. He hits the Solitare 3 times and he saves them all and he rolled badly for stomps, think he killed 1 Troupe. He was mostly concentraing on trying to kill the Solitare. The Death Jester and shadowweaver attempt to kill the other one off and got it down to 1 HP and the Death Jester failed the charge. Shadowweaver was killed in HTH and wasnt able to finish it off.

Turn 5
The 1 loose Knight moves on to my objective and and shoots the Bikes Hiding in the back taking an objective. No Wounds but he kills the death jester with Stubber fire. Solitare and unit kill off the other Knight in HTH but the explosion kills the Solitare and 2 of the troupe. Only thing left standing is the troupe master.

Troupe master moves 6, runs 6, Then makes a 9 inch charge on the Last Knight. I only need to roll 1 6 (on 5 Dice) and he does nothing and dies.

Game ends with 1 Knight with 1 HP and a unhurt squad of bikes.
Primary = He wins 4 Points
Maelstrom = I win 4 Points
Adam Got Slay the warlord
I got Slay the Warlord.

Best Game I ever Played it was fun as heck.

Solitaire was truly my MVP of the Day. Killing 4 Knights in 1 Tourney. :)

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:24 pm
by Capnmoe
It was freaking epic. Never again will you see a handful of toughness 3 models run through 3 Super Heavy Lords of War, lol. It was an incredibly fun and interesting game :rock

Re: Toys for tots

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 1:29 pm
He was never alone. Alone he couldn't have done it. He did have a unit charge with him in all 3 Instances. :)

The First one was all ready down 3 HP.

The Second one (down 1HP already) got charged by him and 4 Troupes. All with Carresses.

The Third one took 2 Rounds of combat, you just didn't roll any 6s and the the Solitaire 3+ Inv save kept him alive for that round. :)

I did forget my Warlord Trait though. My Warlord and his unit got +1 to all movement. Move, Run, Charge, Consolidate.